Hold On Strong

By Ben Bochner


Hard times are coming, you can feel it in the air
You can read it in the paper, you can see it everywhere
Gonna be trials and tribulation, astonishment and shock
You’re gonna need a strong foundation, need a solid rock

We gotta hold on to each other, hold on strong
We gotta hold on to each other, until the danger's gone
We gotta hold on to each other, all night long
We gotta hold on to each other, got to hold on

It’s easy to get lonely, yeah, it’s easy to get lost
And it’s easy to get crumpled up, towed away and tossed
Don’t let yourself get isolated, don’t get caught up in despair
Don’t run and hide, just come inside, you know you’ll
find us there


Even the tallest tree in the forest can’t make it on its own
You’re gonna need some friends around you when that wind begins a-blowin’
It’s gonna shake up all our branches, it’s gonna tug on all our roots
Til the only thing left standing is the love that's great and true



As the Great Unraveling unfolds along with the Great Turning, we'll need songs like this to keep us turning toward rather than against each other. Eugene singer-songwriter Ben Bochner's comforting voice and song with an easy-to-learn chorus help us do just that.

Original lyrics, as heard on this recording say "the one that's straight and true" but Ben is happy with the change to "the love that's great and true".

Words and music by the late Ben Bochner.  (May he delight the angels with his songs for ever and ever.) Used with permission.

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Song Performed by Ben Bochner

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