Come Into Your Calling

Composed and Performed by Laurence Cole


Oh when we come into our calling

We become bells

Calling to everyone else:

Oh, come, come into your calling!


Laurence Cole composed this round toward the end of his work with the Community Choir Leadership Training program in Victoria, B.C. Surrounded by singers who were stepping into their calling as songleaders and community choir directors, he felt the catalyzing effect of mutual encouragement and inspiration that happens when each one who finds his or her life purpose calls others to theirs. Angeles Arrien in her work The Fourfold Way speaks of the bell as the instrument that calls us to our calling. Once the round gets going, it sounds like bells, calling us into our own particular ways of contributing to the Great Turning. This recording by Laurence and friends starts on G. Words and music by Laurence Cole. Used with permission.


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