Building a Bridge

by Samara Jade


Here we are standing at this slippery precipice
Gazing out with vertigo to the pathless abyss
As we spiral in descent it’s hard to see if we’re on track
But one thing is for certain - there is no turning back
So what will you sacrifice, what will you leave behind?
What tools do you carry in your spirit, soul and mind?
What hardships have you gone through that prepared you for this strife?
What gifts do you offer at the altar of life?

We are building a bridge across the unknown
We’re all going together, no one’s going alone
We’re all building a bridge and we each bring a stone
No one’s built it before but the blueprint is in our bones

We’ve been living in a sick way that won’t work anymore
Now the sickness is inside us, we can no longer ignore
We’ve taken and we’ve dominated all that we could claim
And now we’re being colonized by something we can’t tame
Because the earth she is wild and she wants us to slow down
And remember our own wildness that connects to the ground
Where our roots grow down deep and they all are intertwined
In this new world we’ll be leaving separation behind


We are the descendants of the ones who have lived through
Plagues and wars and genocide, flood and famine too
Their wisdom lives on in the ground, in our bones and dreams
Let's call upon the ancient ones to guide us through this scene
May they help us remember how it feels to be in sync
With the rhythms of the earth that we’re inseparably linked
There’s no going back to normal - at least the normal we’ve known of
We are crossing to a new world on a bridge we build with love



This is a song for our times! The chorus is so fun to sing along with! Let's build that bridge together! It's in our bones.
Used with permission. Written by Samara Jade in March 2020 and produced by Asheville engineer Robert George at Sound Temple Studios.
Guitar and vocals recorded by Samara, everything else recorded/produced/mixed/mastered by Robert George.

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