Ashes and Smoke

By Linda Allen


We have been burned, burned by the fire
And we are ashes, ashes and smoke
But we will rise, higher and higher
On the wings of compassion, justice and hope


Part of a larger song written after September 11th, this song is done as a circle dance and makes a good complement for Honoring Our Pain work.

Dance instructions: Begin with partners facing each other around the circle. In the first line, clap hands in the air, first on”burned”, and again on “burned”. Then raise hands above the head, weaving them together imitating fire.

On the second line, pass one hand then the other in front of the face, on the words “ashes”. Then lower them on “smoke.”

On the third line, put palms together and raise them.

On the fourth line, put hands on each other’s right shoulders and walk around to new partner.


Lyrics, music and movements by Linda Allen ©2001. 

Used with permission.

Full Song (courtesy of performer)

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