Honoring our Pain

To acknowledge in song our pain for the world — the suffering of myriad beings and the destruction of the natural world — engenders a shared experience that breaks us out of denial. It lets us know we are not alone or “crazy” in these feelings, which arise from our caring and connectedness. Allowing them to surface in song is collective healing.

S O N G S   W I T H   L Y R I C S   A N D   R E C O R D I N G S

For the Mothers, by Betsy Rose (being updated)

Ashes and Smoke, by Linda Allen

River of Tears, by Shasta Martinuk (being updated)

Sing for the Trees, by Jenni Roditi (being updated)

May This Be An Opening, by Gretchen Sleicher (being updated)

Walk A Mile, by Rebecca Spalding (being updated)